Institutional Advancement & Alumni Relations Compensation Survey

2014 Mini-Survey:

Participants are invited to complete our mini-survey as a bridge year between the 2013 data and the launch of the 2015 survey.  Report to be released by the end of April 2015.  To participate, just CLICK HERE to fill out this 9 question online survey and receive a free copy of the report.

2015 Survey Timeline:

Date TBD: Survey Launch and Universities/Foundations fill out compensation spreadsheet and return to McConnell & Company via email.

Date TBD: Survey Summary Report released to all respondents, participants who purchase the full survey report will also receive those reports at this time.

Report Options:

Survey Summary Report – All survey participants will receive this one page summary report that shows the median reported pay by position.  This summary is free to all institutions that complete the compensation spreadsheet and thus submit their data to the survey.

Full Survey Report – All participants who complete the survey are eligible to buy the Full Survey Report for $250 (about half of the non-participant price of $450).  This report will contain an analysis for each position showing the full range of pay percentiles (10th, 25th, median, 75th, 90th ) with data tabulated by standard peer clusters (e.g. small, medium & large).  Also includes excel supplement of data points.

Participant Price, $250:


Customized Peer Group Report – This report, similar in format to the Full Survey Report, will allow you to customize the peer data to your needs.  You can pick up to 12 institutions (minimum of 5 for confidentiality) from the survey participant list and we’ll produce a custom report for your peer benchmarking needs.  This survey option includes a copy of the Full Survey Report and is offered to participants at a total cost of $500 (or $750 for non-survey participants).  Also includes excel supplement of data points.

Participant Price, $500:


Consulting Services – McConnell & Company has worked with a number of institutions to help their Boards make informed decisions on compensation, benefits, and incentive bonuses. If your compensation needs stretch beyond the scope of the survey, perhaps a custom analysis would benefit your organization.  Additionally, we annually prepare reports for some Foundation Boards that provide them safe-harbor compliance with intermediate sanctions regulations.

  • 2015 Survey Demographic Data

    Check back soon for the 2015 Survey Information...

    If you haven't already completed the demographic data portion to the survey please click here.
    At the end of the survey, you will select the type of survey report you'd like to receive and who in your organization should receive the report.

  • 2015 Survey Data Input File

    Check back soon for the 2015 Survey Information...

    Click Data Input File below to download the 2014 Survey Data Input File (.xlsx).

    Please enter your data in the red colored tabs (“Cash Comp” & "Return") and return the spreadsheet by May 15th to

    Data Input File (.xlsx)

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    for any template questions

  • W-9 Form

    Please click below to download our W-9 form for your finance department.

    McConnell & Company W-9

  • Testimonial

    "The services and expertise provided to us by McConnell & Company has been invaluable in helping us achieve our compensation objectives. They provide us the market data and analysis we need to ensure we are offering competitive salaries for recruitment and retention purposes. The firm’s independent analysis and recommendations pertaining to executive compensation also facilitates our Board of Director’s compliance with IRS Intermediate Sanctions regulations."

    - Nancy Markiexicz, PHR
    Director, Advancement/USF Foundation Human Resources